Lisa’s deconstructed pancakes

MARIE: omg
MARIE: Lisa is eating ice cream directly out of the tub… with a fork
WILLIAM: at least she’s graduated from her universal chopsticks

JILLIAN: oh man, remember the food concoctions she would make?
JILLIAN: bowls of so many weird combinations
JILLIAN: and the chopsticks

BRIAN: did any one write them down? This could be a cookbook
BRIAN: I’m pretty serious, people love insane cookbooks, and she always eats healthy food
SCOTT: “cook” book
SCOTT: we should not be mean to Lisa
WILL: my favorite lisa recipe is
WILL: 1. put some flour in a bowl,
WILL: 2. put some water in that bowl,
WILL: 3. stir

BRIAN: woah
SCOTT: I don’t think what Will just said counts as… healthy
BRIAN: …maybe if you only eat a tiny bit of it?
WILL: throw some protein powder in there and you could get prettty swole off of such a concoction

BRIAN: Lisa confirmed that was a real recipe of hers
LISA (paraphrased): I was in college, and I wanted to make pancakes. So I thought, why not take all the ingredients of pancakes, and put them in the microwave?
Then I thought, I don’t really need all these ingredients…

BRAIN: if you put that on a triangular plate and charge $50 for it you may have something

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