Cthulhu Caramel

ERIN: making buddhah hand caramel tonight
BRAIN: sounds interesting!
BRAIN: although… yuzu might be better
BRAIN: did you do that one already?
BRAIN: here’s a weird idea: Nijiya sells a yuzu vinegar
ERIN: yuzu is harder to get fresh
BRAIN: right you are
ERIN: I have a 3 lb. buddah hand in my kitchen
BRAIN: dayum!!

BRAIN: how much zest does that get?
BRAIN: do you have a tree on your balcony or something
ERIN: no… they had only gigantic ones at Whole Foods
BRAIN: mmm hooters
ERIN: lol

BRAIN: buddha hand is more like tentacle porn or udders I suppose
ERIN: indeed
BRAIN: “cthulhu caramel”
ERIN: lol
ERIN: I don’t think the old ones really would taste fresh and floral
BRAIN: “Ia! Ia! With real Unspeakable Tasteâ„¢!”

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