The Secret

BRAIN: Have you seen The Secret?
BRAIN: It is totally funny
NORMAL: hahaha
NORMAL: No, but I have seen the hope zombies it creates
BRAIN: I bet

NORMAL: why?
NORMAL: are you envisioning your future?
BRAIN: Somewhat ironically, it’s very close to the Bush administration’s notion of how foreign policy works
BRAIN: Yes all my most irritating megalomaniacal plans now I’m going to blame on The Secret
NORMAL: Everyone in the elevator just watched me blow snot out of my nose laughing
BRAIN: They visualized that
NORMAL: Well, it manifested the fuck out of my nose.

BRAIN: Anyway the point is The Secret is totally stolen from Cosmic Awareness

BRAIN: do you have Netflix
DEAN: streaming, no DVD
BRAIN: you should see The Secret
BRAIN: It is unintentionally hilarious
DEAN: the victim blaming cult?
BRAIN: yes

BRAIN: all those killed in the holocaust were just thinking very negatively
BRAIN: Apparently they were visualizing being burned in ovens
DEAN: I once lived w a guy who was really into it. Never saw the dvd, I bet it is funny as shit
BRAIN: It starts like the The Da Vinci Code

DEAN: ha. It started arguments at that house. T insisted that all bad things are your fault so Daisy asked, “what if your daughter gets raped”
BRAIN: You just made me spit out my mushu
BRAIN: I guess I visualized mushu pork flying out of my face

DEAN: There was lots of T yelling that Daisy “should not put that energy out there” against his daughter.
BRAIN: hahaha

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