Tide thefts and consensus reality

BRAIN: Tide thefts
BRAIN: what I love about this is how non-drug trade people have no idea
what the deal is… we can only speculate!
STEPHEN: I could be mistaken, but I don’t think the site with the Tide
article is being entirely truthful.
STEPHEN: (as in, I think it’s a little more The Onion than The BBC)
BRAIN: Thieves rolling Tide detergent out of US stores
BRAIN: tide thefts – Google Search
BRAIN: truth is stranger than fiction
BRAIN: snopes hasn’t determined if it’s a widespread hoax or not
STEPHEN: It’s not unheard of for mainstream media to mistakenly pick up humour/hoaxes … but it does sound like maybe I was mistaken and, as you say … truth is stranger than fiction,
STEPHEN: You cannot make this shit up. Or, if someone did … damn, they’re good.
BRAIN: the Orbo guys are still around I think
STEPHEN: The bit where it said “… where Tide is known as “liquid gold” among officers.” was where I really started to think “Onion!”
BRAIN: I had a similar reaction to the passion gap thing
CLU: man, this explains those dirty looks I would get when I went to get detergent before I switched to All….

ACH: Police say reports of nationwide spike in Tide thefts doesn’t wash (Fox News)
ACH: How many anectdotes does it take to make data?

PIRATEQUEEN: I found several news articles that are months old that support the Tide story
MATT: Maybe this is some sort of weird viral ad campaign for Tide.
BRAIN: genius

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