Ghost Gun

According to the Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tours, there’s a library donated by Carnegie that was built over a mass grave. The library is, of course, haunted, notably by the image of a young boy. The ghost has been identified with a boy who died many decades ago, whose headstone was on display.

BRAIN: you ever notice how all the paranormal investigations emulate a “scientific” approach rather than an “engineering” one?
KIRBY: how is that?
BRAIN: I mean usually there’s these guys running around with sensors and recording equipment… trying to quantify the ghost, or an effect or something. And it never works.
KIRBY: Definitely
BRAIN: But in engineering, you’re not so concerned with the “why” of it – you just take a known effect and employ it to get a desired outcome. So what if instead of trying to research the mechanism of ghosts, you just use what you know…
KIRBY: with the boy’s headstone?
BRAIN: yeah, like if one headstone on display makes the library kinda haunted… I bet fifty headstones would make it much MORE haunted. Two hundred even.
KIRBY: You could put the headstones in certain patterns, and make a “ghost gun.”
BRAIN: …what would a “ghost gun” even do?
KIRBY: I don’t know, but it would be awesome!

Well I hope you’re happy boys, this library is completely unusable now

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