Rewrite “Cutthroat Island”

I’m watching Cutthroat Island. It’s about as bad as I’ve heard.

I was thinking though, it would be an interesting writing challenge to do a rewrite of the script and story as if you were on the production. The movie looks really great! But as it was made, the story and characters suck. The acting wasn’t great either, but let’s be charitable and say this is due to the writing. The scenario:

You find yourself in an alternate universe where Carolco is failing earlier than it did, this time just BEFORE Cutthroat Island is shot but after the production design is completed. Just as it came to pass in our universe, production design is underway even before the draft script is completed! Also as in our history, the script is in trouble – it’s been through six different screenwriters, and is a hackneyed mess. This time, however, the buyers of Carolco come to their senses and realize they have the opportunity to make a completely different movie with the same pieces.

  • You have been hired to rewrite Cutthroat Island. Production is already underway.
  • The casting has already been finalized. You must use the Geena Davis and Matthew Modine as the two leads, and Frank Langella as the villain.
  • Geena Davis is “involved” with the director. You can alter her character, but you cannot diminish her screen time. She must remain the lead.
  • The sets, design, effects, etc have all been set. You must use all the same locations. Bonus points for the same costumes.
  • Action sequences must remain intact!

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