Battlestar Galactica

I (rather famously now) have always hated the first Battlestar Galactica. Initially it was because of the terrible writing and acting, but also because I considered it a rip-off of Star Wars… I found out decades later it’s because many of the same effects people worked on both projects.

Diane is a old-school BG fanatic. She refers to the newer show as GINO – Galactica In Name Only. Like the Republicans, you see.

My brother Ben on meeting Diane:

BEN: You like Battlestar Galactica?
DIANE: Yes, Brian and I watched the entire series just last week.
BEN: … Wow. He must really love you.
DIANE: … what
BEN: I remember him ranting against that show when he was 5.

The new one looks pretty intentionally gritty, much like a mid-1990s comic book, where everyone is scowling and being an anti-hero. Plus they squandered key parts of Starbuck’s character – it’s cool she’s a woman, but she could still be a womanizer!

Anyway that show is banned from my house so I haven’t seen more than 20 minutes of it.

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