Starbucks is the middle-class ghetto

I forgot to shave this morning! So I bought a cheapie disposable from CVS. There was a Starbucks next door, so I ordered a latte and used their bathroom to shave. Turns out your razor really does matter; I cut the fuck out of my face.

How times have changed. It used to be Starbucks was where you got “the fancy coffee.” Now it’s basically McD’s. The Redwood City Starbucks vs Peet’s comparison is so telling re: the Starbucks brand:

The Peet’s is downtown, is filled with professional types, somehow “working” during the day in a cafe, and moms with expensive strollers. Well-presented art from local schools is on the walls. It’s spacious and the bathroom is unlocked.

The Starbucks is in a mall, is cramped and smells like fast food. The clientele are either pissed off wage slaves on their way to work or very overweight lower middle class. The bathroom has an elaborate code that they need to buzz you in.

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