The Innowave UVF3 is here in this office.
It’s a water dispenser that doesn’t use bottles. Instead, it takes water from the tap (green!) and then filters it (sorta green) and then irradiates it with UV light (uhm…). Which may not be very Green but it’s pretty damn cool.

However it has a pretty bad interface design. The major problem is that it has buttons on it I cannot identify.

There’s 5 buttons: a giant one with a drop of water on it, two identical ones that have a glass with ice in it, and two on the other side, one which is a mug of hot drink, and the other the same mug, but with a “+” on it.

  • When you press the drop by itself, it dispenses cold water.
  • when you press the drop with the mug, it dispenses hot water
  • when you press the mug+ button, it says “warming”

Since there is no manual, this is unnecessarily challenging.

Al I can figure is it’s using a mass-produced shell used for other models and this is why the (at least) 1 extra button

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