CAT scan

I was thrashing around putting a too-late lunch together yesterday (Monday) and I hit my head REALLY hard on the kitchen counter.

Over the next few hours I got really sleepy and sort of flaky– it was difficult to articulate thoughts in words. Diane took me to the ER.

After waiting about 4 hours I got a CAT scan which showed I was not concussed and had no permanent damage. However I still (Tuesday morning) have a slight headache and I’m still sleepy.

I woke up several times last night in a panic: what if I couldn’t clear my head? Would I still be able to program? Would I still be able to write? What if I am in a fog forever? A lot of it was because I was just waking up, and not due to head trauma.

This morning I feel much better, if a little headachey. I got mom to drive me to work.

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