Office Coffee and Sustainability

Second day at work.

There’s this insane coffee machine from Flavia which is on a pod system. Not only is the machine a huge hulk the size of a small beer refrigerator, it’s also accompanied by a giant caddy of all the different drink flavors. Each flavor pack comes in a plastic pouch with a plastic nozzle on the top. You put the entire pouch in the machine and it accumulates the used, empty pouches.

Some drinks take two pouches.   Example: to make a cappuccino you select cappucino, then the door opens, and you put in the creamy topping pouch.  The machine closes and makes the foam.  Then the door opens again and you put in the coffee pouch of your choice.  There’s also a Milky Way topping, which I initially screwed up because I didn’t understand it was a topping and not a drink.  Anyway, it’s a lot of garbage for a coffee.

On top of the superautomatic espresso machine are a bunch of little earthenware pots, which coworkers use for drinking espresso. They look suspiciously like the yogurt pots that St Benoit comes in. The cups have La Fermiere and “” on them. So… yes. They are yogurt pots. No one here seemed to know this. Whatever. At least we’re reusing something. Although in real life you’re supposed to take those pots back to the store…

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