Truffault Makes Me Violent

I’m watching Day For Night and maybe it’s just too French for me. If someone asked me, earnestly and without irony, if “women are magic,” I think I’d have to punch him straight in the face.

BRAIN: What, dammit.
YOUNG ACTOR: Are women magic?

Pretentious emo fuckwit.

Also, while they are filming this giant movie, they haven’t even finished the script yet, which seems implausbibly irresponsible. Maybe I’m just naive.

Truffault himself is very inspiring, however: he started making films when he was 25, and set out to make 30 films before he retired. He averaged something like one film a year until he died from brain cancer at age 52, five short of his goal. He packed a lot of living into a short amount of time.

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