Dryer Pants

SHAC: putting on warm jeans straight out of the dryer is better than sex

BRAIN: woah there

SHAC: you should try it

BRAIN: it’s too hot these days

SHAC: put some jeans in the dryer then have sex

BRAIN: in the winter that’s pretty good

SHAC: then as soon as you’re done run over to the dryer and put on the jeans
SHAC: just dont tell your wife what you’re up to or that i suggested it

BRAIN: I think a double blind experiment is in order
BRAIN: we’ll take two identical twin porn stars
BRAIN: and one will have sex
BRAIN: and the other will put on jeans from being stark naked
BRAIN: and then we’ll ask them both questions while they are just fucked
BRAIN: and only wearing jeans respectively
BRAIN: and we will film all of this
BRAIN: it will be very scientific

SHAC: make it so
SHAC: but i already know the answer

BRAIN: that’s not good science there shac

SHAC: its not always about the science
SHAC: its a spiritual thing

BRAIN: the church of pants
BRAIN: I think danh is part of that one

DANH: let’s play guess how many days I’ve been wearing these pants

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