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Q: I’m confused about Iraq. Every time I read that the surge is working, Iraq is a safer place, stability is being restored, etc., I see headlines which defy those assertions. I am becoming distrustful and confused as to whether progress is being made or not. Does anyone else feel the same way? And, if we are confused, what about the Iraqi people – how do you think they feel? Who to trust?

A: Every time you read the news, every time you watch news on TV,

Ask yourself: who owns this newspaper? Where is the information coming from? Would the source of information be interested in not telling the complete truth?

Recently, American journalism has become very lazy. Most of the misinformation about the Iraq war, about the threat of WMD’s, comes straight from the White House. Journalists are meant to do original research… sadly this is on the decline.

People who habitually read from more news sources were never “fooled” into the wisdom of invading Iraq; this is why there were so many protests even dating back to the beginning of the invasion. They knew it was an unwinnable war, and could only serve the interests of oil and construction companies.

Read about who runs Fox News, Halliburton, and the Carlyle Group. But be careful– some people find this knowledge very threatening.

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