The Artist

Here’s a short I directed recently. I did the casting, the directing, shot lists, schedules, and basic storyboards. I say “basic” storyboards because mine were just stick figures; the ones we used on set were drawn by Matt Voss, the cartoonist and producer of The Templetons.

DP was Samir Sinha, edited by Jennifer Griffin.

Milo loves his paintings, but hates selling them. His wife Maureen thinks he’s going to be the Next Big Thing, if only he can get the right opportunity. An opportunity like meeting Geraldine.

Geraldine loves art. Especially art by dead artists. Some people make art; Geraldine makes dead artists.

Produced as our submission to Round 4 of Scary Cow “The Artist” is intended to be the first ten minutes of a hypothetical feature movie. I was going for a 1940’s flavor with some modern elements.

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