Sim City Disasters, arcos

JAXA, which plans to have a Space Solar Power System (SSPS) up and running by 2030, envisions a system consisting of giant solar collectors in geostationary orbit 36,000 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. The satellites convert sunlight into powerful microwave (or laser) beams that are aimed at receiving stations on Earth, where they are converted into electricity.

SHAC: uhh
SHAC: they need to play SimCity ASAP
BRAIN: yeah wtf dont you remember the solar array disaster of 2014 ?
SHAC: this was always such a GREAT idea in sim city until it misfired
SHAC: and it would torch half your city
BRAIN: they are always behind these insane blow-up-the-world schemes
BRAIN: they are jealous because they never went to the moon
SHAC: though in simcity they would beam w/ microwave not lasers
BRAIN: tomato tomahto
BRAIN: maybe they are actually working on those Maser Tanks you use to fight godzilla

Actually this is not the only wacky thing we learned in Sim City, that actually exists in real life. See also the Arcology, called an “Arco” in SimCity.

As envisioned by creator Paolo Soleri, an Arco is a vertical city with everything integrated into the building design. Modern versions feature small-footprint architecture: small physical footprint, and a small environmental impact.

Soleri now runs Arcosanti, which is basically a prototype Arco in the middle of the Arizona desert. It’s turned into a hip venue for music and art events.

Sort of related is the military satellite “SOL” in the manga/anime AKIRA. Yay defense lasers!

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