Car Wreck In Reverse

LULU: really into ANTM reruns now
BRAIN: ugh, don’t waste your life like that… wait, what is ANTM?
LULU: heh…America’s Next Top Model
LULU: it’s great to watch back-to-back with Biggest Loser
BRAIN: oh my
LULU: watching the fat people get thin is like watching a car wreck in reverse.
BRAIN: wow. emminently quotable
LULU: i just came up with it too. it’s good, huh?
BRAIN: write that one down
LULU: well, i guess i sorta did
BRAIN: sorta!
LULU: you can use it in a script, iffin’ you wanna
BRAIN: I restarted my blog so I’ll cram it in that
LULU: oh good! i’m glad to know i’ll be a published author

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