NDN – Bush song

Restoring the Promise of America – the New Democrat Network has this flash movie with a song about Bush II, which rules.

Does this mean these “New Democrats” are an actual faction with some actual testicles? That might be interesting!

America and the world are facing new and daunting challenges to global peace, prosperity and freedom. The New Democrat Network (NDN) is guided by the belief that there is a better set of solutions to our challenges then what is being offered in Washington today. It is the fundamental premise of NDN that we can and must do better -– as a political movement, as a political party, and as a nation.

As a national network of citizens and institutions committed to the great promise of America, it is our intent to not accept what is being offered by the Republicans in Washington today as the best course for our great country. It is our intent to build a better America, and ensure that all of our children are given even greater opportunities than those remarkable opportunities that have been offered to us.

It is in this spirit that NDN is dramatically stepping up its role in American politics. In the years ahead we intend to offer up new strategies for ensuring the long-term vitality of progressive politics, prepare the very best of a new generation of elected officials for leadership, and fight to make sure that the positive, optimistic and modern voice of the New Democrats is heard loud and clear in the great back and forth of today’s political debate.

Web link of note: NDN – Bush song
(At http://www.newdem.org/flashmovie.php)

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