We popped amaranth the other night. Keep in mind the pan should be very hot and the amaranth needs to be in the pan, popped or unpopped, for the shortest period possible.

  1. The trick is to heat the ungreased, completely dry metal pan with a few test kernels in it… when they pop you are almost ready.
  2. Heat a little more and remove from heat.
  3. drop a tablespoon or two of amaranth into the pan…
    make sure the pan is covered!
  4. wait about five seconds. If they don’t pop, it’s not hot enough
  5. after you hear them no longer popping, dump the popped amaranth into your serving bowl
  6. the result is like tiny little popcorn. Great on salads, or as a dusting on other vegetarian sides, like a couscous or a quinoa
  7. put the pan back on the stove for another batch. As you get better at your timing, the resulting popped amaranth will get fluffier and whiter

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