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It’s Maury Povich’s web site! Leave a comment you poor fools! He’ll make all your problems go away!
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  1. maury, my name is roy lemert. i am a quadriplegic on a vent due to an unsolved shooting when i was 19. i am 24 now i attend ivy tech college and spend time at the rehab hospital working with the patients however i can. the reason that i’m writting you is because i’m sure know of stem cells. well in Beijing China they’re performing surgury that is healing spinal cords and i’m a caniidate. but the surgury is 20,000 dollers. i lived a very troubled life before this happened. and i feel like this is only hope for a 2nd chance 2 make things rite. if u could please help me, i would do anything. i don’t no where else 2 go. roy

  2. Dear Maury, I am a 17 year old hip hop artist. I have been trying to get a record deal for over three years. Last year i was in a serious car accident leaving me with minor injuries and kiling my best friend. Surving the accident that i did i believe god has a plan for me and my dreams can you please help me. Tim

  3. Dear Maury,
    I think you should do a show on transplat awareness and i would like to be on your show because not alot of people are aware of what can happen. My dad Joseph Heator was diagnosed with a fatail liver disease call Cerousis and just had open heart surgery.But for three years he has been to many diffrent docters appointments and sergons. We have raised about 20,000.00 dollars so far but we have to raise 50,000.00 so please e-amil me back and i would like to tell you more.

  4. I think you should do a show on miracle babies. I have one myself. Patrick Jr August 17, 2003, 2lbs 1 oz, 12 3/4 in.

  5. I used to watch your program on regular basis, but since your format has chosen to go Jerry Springer way—more bleeps than words, same ole subject matter, etc., you are no longer on my “must watch” list. You should take some lessons from Montel.

  6. Maury,
    Hi, My name is Teigh-Jae Garmon (said just like T.J. , only spelled out). I am 18 years old, and I am a senior in high school, I have plans for my future and I want to be a nurse. But the reason I am writing you is because when I was 10, I found out that I was adopted and I had no idea who my family was, I felt like I was living with strangers even though these people had taken care of me for my whole life I felt like I had no one there, like I was all alone. After I found out I was adopted and I was comfortable with the fact I went and told everyone I could even though my mother had told me not to tell anyone I did anyways. I was special , thats what my mom and dad told me, I was a gift from God andwhen I was 13 I realized what they meant by that. I found out that my aunt was my bilogical mother and she gave me up becasue she was addicted to drugs and acohol.She had gotten pregnant with me outside of her marriage and she doesn’t know who my biological father is,(her husband was in jail at the time she got pregnant with me), and throughout my life and hers she can’t tell me who my biological father is and I would really like to find out who he is so the empty place in my heart can be filled. I believe I have an idea of who he could be,His name is Tony Patterson and he has said before that he thinks he could be my bilogical father, but i don’t have the money for a DNA test.I just started working at mcdonalds and I really want to see if he is my biological father and I would be very thankfully if you could help me out. Thank you Teigh-Jae

  7. Dear Maury,my name is gloria iam 48 years old. i been on a relashionship,for 5 years. Maury please help me. I suspect my boyfriend is been shitting he desapiar for hours every day.he go to work at 530 in the morning and get home sometimes 1130 or12 midnigt.He got women calling him on his cell phone,but still he said nothing is goin on.Maury the worst part of all of this is not been able to find the truf and move on with my life iam always alone.I get not love,attention, not sex,nothing. icry my self to sleep wondering why. I wanted to contac cheaters but i dont have the money for fee, since i been goin tru depression,stress i resently lose my job.i always see your show, also cheaters, Isee how you,and sheaters help people like me. Please help to find the thrue see if cheaters help. i could be reach by phone at 267-546-6954 or 856-635-1884. Maury thank you for taking the time to read this. God Bless you and your family, Love your show.Gloria.

  8. Maury,
    My name is stephanie barnes im 15 years old and i live in Dry Ridge,Ky Im writing you to see if you could help me out on something… My mom has 3 kids and she has raised us three on her own, my mom has been wanting a breast implant for so long and she can never get it i was wondering in anyway if you could help me out and make her dream com true…this would mean everything to her and to us 3 girls…if by any chance you could help me maury please let me know thanks!

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