I Want A Nazi Jet For Xmas

Looks like someone is implementing my wacky dream of building Messerschmitt 262 replicas.

The Me 262 is the experimental Nazi Fighter Jet which thank goodness was delayed in production due to the decimation of the German-controlled resources towards the end of World War II… In an era where the entire air campaign was being fought with propeller planes it would have made short work of the entire Allied fleet.

The Me 262 came in a couple of variants, including the base fighter and bomber models. Mine would be the “Me 262A-1a Nightfighter” which was intended to be used as a night-flying jet, equipped with radar… of course since radar was a new technology in 1944 it had these giant antennas on the front of the plane that look like the monstrosities suburbanites used to put on their roof in the days before cable or satellite televsion. All it’s missing is giant skull & crossbones – the perfect supervillain transport!

The Me 262 has a brutish and functional look, and fits well with all the “alternate history” stories where the war continues past 1946, like “Luftwaffe 1946” by Ted Nomura (from Antarctic Press).

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