Cloisonne and Enamel work sources

Best Bets: Local enamellists (California)

Other artists sifted from the web:

Way out- not sources of commissioned work:

2 thoughts on “Cloisonne and Enamel work sources

  1. I’m interested to know why you selected Gallery 3 as the contact URL in preference to for e.g. the Galleries index.

      gallery at

    • Sharon Scalise
    • Louise Pass
    • Lisa Hawthorne
    • Linda Gebert

  2. Originally this was a list of cloisonne artists I could commission art from, i.e. who lived reasonably close to me in San Francisco.

    After a while however, it grew into galleries of artissts I had culled from the web…

    That link goes to page 3 mainly because that was my “point of entry” and the site is so slow from here that I can rarely get to the other pages! It’s actually totally random!

    If you have a different page in mind I’ll change it to that.

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