Movie wants Less Bronies

BRAIN: My Little Ponies humanized for movie
BRAIN: A New Direction for a Hasbro Stalwart
BRAIN: yikes!
HAKU: oh this story behind this is great
HAKU: they focus group`d out the bronies
HAKU: but kept in the little girl intrest
HAKU: this is their attempt to get the manboys to lose intrest in the brand
BRAIN: why would they do that
HAKU: (its working)

BRAIN: I don’t understand how less money is a good thing
HAKU: because Hasbro is really nervious about the “brony” contingent harming the IP
HAKU: little girls make them more money than the bronies give htem. and they worry that the bronies may harm the brand in relation to the actual cash cow
HAKU: this is just what i hear from my friends who work there
HAKU: they like the money but the intrest makes them nervious … i suppose is the best way to look at it

BRAIN: makes you wonder what the disaster scenario is
BRAIN: I bet it’s funny!
HAKU: something like… maybe a super awkward brony does something at a convention, gets all over the news
HAKU: parents get wind of it, blame hasbro and the brand…never buy again
HAKU: lol

BRAIN: gay brony porn
HAKU: been done already
HAKU: its hard to float around furry sites without seeing it, kidna annoys the rest of the furries
HAKU: since its like 80% of the pictures that get uploaded
BRAIN: sheesh I’m so old