I dreamt of Martin Scorsese

I had a funny dream last night –

I dreamt that my wife discovered she was distantly related to Martin Scorsese – so some of her younger cousins and I got invited to “Cousin Marty’s” place.

Scorsese in person was fun but sort of a control freak… he met us at his place but then put us on a bus he had rented with a driver, just three of us on a full-sized bus.

The bus took us to a place up the coast where there was sort of an abandoned water temple… the washed-out trail was full of backpacking hippies making some kind of pilgrimage

So we get there, and the place is a ruin. I realize I’ve seen it in a clip from one of “Marty’s” more famous movies, which I’m embarrassed to not have seen.

When we return he shows us a list of house rules. One of them is essentially not to use text messages from inside the house without him reading the messages. When I am back with my family I work out an elaborate cipher to use when I’m back at his place. I teach my mom to use web-based WWI-era codes.

I also quiz the younger cousins to make sure they aren’t going to be a pain on the trip back; I’m unconvinced and refuse to bring them back.

That is about all I can remember!

SAMIR: sounds like easy rider
BRAIN: I HAVE seen Easy Rider real recently