Hummingbirds and COPS

BL: C and i were working on the main form page, we wanted the files to be pushed live and Andy was not there so we are waiting for his return
BRAIN: ok. and once it’s pushed live… will it work you think?
BL: its a possibility
BL: its one of two possibilities i guess

er, thanks!

Yesterday on the way to the cafeteria I saw a hummingbird sitting on the path. He was so tiny I crouched to look at him… up close he looked pretty pissed off. He had sand on his beak.

Coworker Danielle was passing by and was enraptured by the hummingbird. I figured I’d see if he was still there after lunch, and if so I’d call someone. I left for the cafeteria… on the way back he was gone.

Hours later Danielle was standing in the hall looking at the skylights above Marketing, 2 stories up. She looked bummed. “I am such an idiot” she says.

Looks like the hummingbird was just stunned, recuperated on her desk, and was now trapped in the office with the glass ceiling. This bird crippled Marketing for 2 hours, ladies were crying, etc. I set up a ladder with some Hawaiian Punch on it, but he wouldn’t come down. Eventually he got too tired to fly and got herded towards the door… Danielle fed him sugar water through a coffee stir.

Today during a meeting we saw over a dozen police cars and motorcycles racing towards our complex. “Get down on the ground!!!” we hear… looks like someone was running from the police and was about to be “tazed.”