African Business Practices

MELISSA: Nigerian priests are declaring children
MELISSA: who need to be excercised
MELISSA: so they will pour acid down their throat
MELISSA: family members will pay to have an “excorsim” done which ususally involves mutilation
MELISSA: cutting of the skull
MELISSA: arms legs you name it
MELISSA: while they’re all awake
BRAIN: wow, does that work?
MELISSA: no this is extremely poor villages
MELISSA: and a way for the priest to make money
MELISSA: by targeting those that cannot defend themselves
BRAIN: so the kids are still possessed after the exorcism?
BRAIN: that is just bad business
MELISSA: there was Never anything wrong
MELISSA: with them in the first place
BRAIN: well yeah, except they are possessed
MELISSA: this is just the “newest,” trend
MELISSA: for those to make money
BRAIN: that is nothing to play with there
BRAIN: you got to get that spirit shit out ASAP