Story Time

BG: I once got a friend an inflatable goat for his birthday.
BG: I wasn’t there, so I told many of our mutual friends to watch him open it,
BG: and for them to force him to open it in front of everyone.

BRAIN: Heh heh.

BG: He later told me that “he thought he’d show me” by actually …
BG: inflating and copulating with said inflatable goat.

BG: But then he felt dirty, and wanted to throw it away.
BG: But he couldn’t just throw it away, because it was inflated.
BG: And he couldn’t deflate it because it was nasty.

BG: So he took out his knife and slashed its throat.

BG: And there it was, he fucked it, slashed its throat, and put it in the dumpster.

BG: For obvious reasons, I didn’t introduce him to my cousin when he asked.