Yes it is your fault

Finally people are coming around to the fact that, yes, global warming is happening, and yes, it is directly caused by greenhouse gases, and yes, humans make the overwhelming majority of these gases, and yes, most of it is from cars.

You’ve seen the planet literally being destroyed.  Coral reefs are dying, the growing season is changing, entire populations of animals are dying, areas on the planet are becoming more difficult to farm, water shortages are beginning.  Tropical storms have more energy and are causing huge devastation on a regular basis.  The entire planet is dying.  And this is just the start.
So my question is: why are you still driving?  Yes, it is your fault.

But it doesn’t have to be.  You can be a good person.  All you have to do is care.


  1. If you have to commute, take public transportation
  2. Turn off your devices when you aren’t using them
  3. stop buying plastic.  This is actually a lot easier than you’d think.
  4. Learn about what you are buying.  Where does it come from?  How was it made?  Stop buying from companies that obviously don’t care about the environment
  5. stop putting up with people who pretend there is not a problem.  Every time you let them live in their little fantasy, you are (albeit very indirectly) contributing to the problem.  “Global warming isn’t happening” ?!  Shout that fucker down!  You have all of Earth’s scientific community backing you up.  Dude’s driving an SUV?  The only people who still think those are cool are either rap stars or Texas Republicans, who are both, let’s just face it, not known for being too bright.  Would you wear a cowboy hat to a formal party?  Well then.

Why you don’t marry the high maintenance girl

OPS DUDE: I can’t go on Saturday, we’re going clothes shopping
ENGINEER 1: oh yeah, what are you getting?
OPS DUDE: oh, nothing for me. She shops and I have to go watch her.
ENGINEER 1: …seriously? Why don’t you just… not go…?
OPS DUDE: I have to go. Otherwise we have a fight
ENGINEER 1: Why don’t you say “I’m not going… now we can either have a huge fight… or you can go shopping”
OPS DUDE: She’s not logical like that
ENGINEER 2: She might say “get in the car, we’re doing both!”