Drunken Wizard

Gary Gygax died. I played a fair amount of role-playing games in my day. AD&D and Paranoia were my favorites. I’m too young to be a 1st generation gamer; I inherited most of my books (1st edition AD&D) from my cousin, who is almost 10 years older than me.

Sure, Gary Gygax invented roleplaying games. But most of all, Gygax is the man who brought us the genius that is the Owlbear.

What is the Owlbear you ask? It’s a monster in Dungeons and Dragons. Three guesses what it looks like.

Read the following in a wasted, slurry voice, like you are trying to tell a ghost story to five year olds but you’ve had about eight drinks too many:

See, one night, a DRUNKEN WIZARD crossed an OWL… with a BEAR. Creating… the… OWLBEAR. It was as big as a BEAR. With a beak.